SMCC’s 8th Blood Donation Activity

Blood donation is a noble act that helps save lives. It is an organized event that encourages people to donate blood to meet the increasing demand for blood in hospitals. SMCC, in its commitment towards Social Emphasis, conducted its 8th blood-letting activity in coordination with the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) last March 23, 2024 under the Metro Manila Subway Project – Contract Package 103 (MMSP-CP103) at its site office located in Katipunan, Quezon City.

Before the said activity, the organizers took several steps to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Eight (8) PCMC personnel attended the drive which was composed of two (1) Physician, six (6) Medical Technologists, and one (1) Ambulance driver. They also arranged a maximum number of Six (6) beds and two (2) screening areas.

Individuals who want to donate blood must go through a screening process that assesses their eligibility to donate blood. Starting from registration, volunteers were given questionnaires and were carefully interviewed by the Physician. Afterwhich a hemoglobin count test is performed to confirm their eligibility for donation. After the screening process, the donor then moves on to the actual blood donation procedure that typically takes around 10-15 minutes for a one (1) bag of 450ml of blood.

The volunteers were then advised to rest to minimize post-donation effects like dizziness and was offered snacks and refreshments to help them recuperate after the donation.

The activity from 8:30AM has successfully ended around 03:30PM with fifty five (55) donors. By donating blood, individuals help in meeting the increasing demand for blood in hospitals, thus helping to save lives.